Rhinoplasty Best Approach Using Septal and Ear Cartilage? (photo)

kindly educate me the best approach for me im an asian irish descent thanks...im planning to have a rhinoplasty using septal and ear cartilage...alar plasty and tip plasty whats the best approach for my case thanks

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The best approach depends on your anatomy and goals

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Patients of mixed Asian / Caucasian heritage often have a thicker soft tissue envelope (Asian trait) overlying a reasonable strong, projecting cartilaginous infrastructure (caucasian trait).  From the single photo you submitted, it seems this may be the case for you.  Alar base reduction does look like it may benefit you in creating more refinement to the bottom 1/3 of your nose.  It is not as clear from the photo what would be beneficial for your tip.  In general, for thicker skin individuals, tip refinement is more limited with purely reduction methods and the use of cartilage grafts to increase the projection of the tip (which helps to narrow the tip) are more useful.   Septal cartilage is flatter and stiffer and therefore works better, but ear cartilage can also be used. The link below is to an educational video I created on the subject of Asian tip refinement.

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Best Approach for Asian Nasal Surgery

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Actually I don't see much to correct on the photo you posted. It would be helpful to have you voice your concerns about your nose to help surgeons answer your question. I seems you have seen someone who has told you that cartilage grafting is necessary. Cartilage grafting can better define and project the tip if that is your goal. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

Cartilage grafting in rhinoplasty

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 Cartilage grafts are not always needed for every nose job. Cartilage grafts are used in certain instances when there is a deficiency present, and the nose needs structural or camouflage grafting to make it look better. We  always recommend using nasal cartilage first and when that's depleted consideration for using  ear cartilage can be entertained

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