What Rhinoplasty Could Be Done? (photo)

Hi! I'm 18, soon to be 19. I've been very self-conscious about my nose for a long time. Specifically I think my bridge is too wide and it just seems too big. Is there any surgery which could be done to make it look better? Has the cartillage stopped growing at my age? Finally, would surgery carry a lot of risks and what would recovery be like?

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Rhinoplasty for wide nose

By the mid-teen years, facial growth and cartilage growth has reached adult proportions.  So it is fine to have  nose reshaping or rhinoplasty at your age.  Rather than age, it is most important that you have realistic expectations.  Computer imaging to preview the possibility is quite helpful to provide you with more realistic expectations!  Choose a surgeon who is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) for the best opportunity for a good result- ask to see his before and after photos for similar cases to yours.  Visit surgery.org for a list of ASAPS surgeons.   Speak with your surgeon about different options- open versus closed rhinoplasty, for instance.  Risks will be outlined in detail at your consultation.  But the biggest risk is that you won’t be happy with the results.  So choose your board certified plastic surgeon surgeon with extreme care!  You’ll be off work or school for about a week and avoid strenuous exercise for about 3-4 weeks.  Bruising lasts a few weeks.  The 90% result is seen at 6 weeks.

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What Rhinoplasty Could Be Done?

      The nose can be narrowed, and the dorsum can be refined.  The degree of tip work would be up to you and your surgeon after a discussion of goals.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties and rhinoplasty revisions each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

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You can narrow the width and reduce the size of your nose with rhinoplasty surgery. You are old enough to have this operation; your nose is fully grown. Risks are very limited if the surgery is done by an experienced rhinoplasty specialist. Recovery will be described after the surgical approach is selected during consultation.

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What Rhinoplasty Could Be Done?

 Yes by about 14-15 the nose is adult shape and finished growing.  The nose is a bit wide as well as C-shaped, with thick nostrils.  The bridge can be narrowed and lowered slightly with Rhinoplasty as well as straightened.

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Expectations from a rhinoplasty

Looking at your photos you would be a reasonable candidate for a rhinoplasty.  The next step is to be evaluated by an experienced plastic surgeon and see if your goals and expectations can be met surgically.  

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Male rhinoplasty to narrow the bridge etc.

Male rhinoplasty to narrow the bridge etc. can be done with or without deprojecting your nose. The latter would be discussed and then a decision can be reached as to what YOU find attractive. In 35 years of rhinoplasty I have had no infection, bleeding, etc. choosing an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon should eliminate risk. 

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Rhinoplasty to reduce the nose

Based on your photographs you would be a reasonable candidate for a rhinoplasty to decrease the overall size of you nose by narrowing the bridge or dorsum. Your nasal tip could be deprojected slightly as well. A consultation in person and better photographs with computer simulation would be helpful to make sure you have realistic goals. 

At 18 your nose is fully developed as are your midface structures, so it is safe to undergo septorhinoplasty at this point. 

The biggest risk of any surgery is not being happy with the result. Other risks are very rare when surgery is planned and executed carefully. Recovery is fairly simple and involves very little pain. Most of our patients only take pain medicine for a couple days. Swelling and bruising are always possible and persists for 7-10 days. Overall it can take a year to see final results, as minor swelling continues to dissipate over this amount of time.



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