Rhinoplasty 1 Month Ago, Swelling Went Down, One Side Feels Empty? (photo)

I noticed one side of my nose was over shad my nose lost connection between the bridge and the bone that goes on the side. One side of my face feels empty. How can this problem be fixed?

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Bone gaps in the nasal contours following rhinoplasty.

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Gaps in the bone contour following rhinoplasty may be planned or unplanned.  Consult with your surgeon to discuss your concerns.

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Rhinoplasty 1 Month Ago, Swelling Went Down, One Side Feels Empty?

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Dear Peaches,

thank you for your question and photos.  I can't see what you are talking about from the photo, but I assume you are talking about a groove between the base of the nasal bone and the facial bones.  This is caused by cutting the bone and moving it in, and is on purpose.  There should be no cosmetic problem with this.  If this is not what you are talking about, please explain further.

Best wishes,

PAblo Prichard, MD

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Osteotomies may create palpable grooves

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Hello Peached,

Thank you for the question and the photo.  I don't think I fully understand your question but if you are feeling gaps or groves on the side of your nose it may be from the osteotomies (bone breaking) that was performed during your rhinoplasty.  I would have your plastic surgeon take a look and make sure that this is the case and explain to you what you are feeling.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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