Should I Get Rhinoplasty?

hello i am 17 years old and i have a nose that is very bulbous its always been a huge problem for me it takes so much attention off of my other facial features i currently reside in pa do you know of any doctors that arent too costly that could help me with my problem

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Should I have rhinoplasty?

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Sorry to hear you are unhappy with your nose, but not to worry! It is possible to make changes with rhinoplasty surgery that will leave you with a nose that complements your other facial features and greatly improves your appearance. Rhinoplasty is a personal decision that can greatly enhance your quality of life. Having the surgery performed by a highly skilled surgeon is essential, as he or she will best be able to leave your nose in harmony with the other features of your face. The size of a bulbous nose can be reduced. If the patient has thick skin, they may not always be able to achieve the level of definition they desire, but a great improvement is possible. Please feel free to ask any specific questions about the surgery, I would be happy to answer them! Thanks, and best of luck!

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A rhinoplasty is a very personal choice. If you are unahppy with the bulbosity of the nose, than certainly you shoudl at least go for a consultation with yoru parents' approval.  Good luck.

Rhinoplasty at 17

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Having a rhinoplasty at 17 is ok. I would reccomend calling around to several board certified plastic suregons in your nearby area so you can get an idea of costs. At my Austin, Texas plastic surgery practice rhinoplasty starts at around $5,999 including all fees, hospital operating room, and anesthesia but costs can very greatly geographically. Best of luck, Dr K

Candidate for bulbous nose rhinoplasty?

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There are several ways of addressing a bulbous nasal tip. My link below reviews what to think about when considering this type of surgery. 

It is important to find a surgeon experienced with this type of treatment, not just focus on finding the cheapest price.


Should I Get Rhinoplasty?

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 It's never a good idea to shop for Rhinoplasty or any plastic and cosmetic surgery or procedure soley on price. Have several consults with experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeons and be sure to bring your partents.

Can I undergo rhinoplasty surgery at 17 years old?

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At 17 years old your facial development is mature enough that you can safely undergo rhinoplasty. Whether you should do so is a much more personal decision. At 17 you will need your parents support to undergo surgery. Further, they will be very helpful in deciding whether surgery is right for you and if so, is now the right time. I would discuss this with your parents now, if you haven't done so already. Once they're on board seek several consultations with experienced rhinoplasty surgeons to get an idea of your options. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Rhinoplasty in your Teen Years

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At 17 years of age, the first thing you will want your plastic surgeon or primary care physician to do is to send you for an x-ray to determine if your bone growth plates are complete. At 17, you should be fine, but that would be the first step.

If your growth plates are complete, then try and seek out a surgeon that can provide you with a 3D photo simulation of what you will look like with the nose you desire.

I wish you a pleasant outcome Layla.

Rhinoplasty at 17 years old

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Thank you for your inquiry. Rhinoplasties are often done to reshape the nose and bring it into proportion with the rest of the face. By bringing the face into balance, the nice features of your face will be highlighted instead of being dominated by one feature that you don't care for. The tip of your nose could be reduced and reshaped to fit with your other facial features.

At 17 years old, you are physically old enough to have a rhinoplasty. Your face and nose have reached their full growth and have matured. 17 or 18 years old is an age at which I commonly see patients to improve their noses.  This could be done as an outpatient procedure with some recovery time. You would, of course, need your parent's consent. The best next step would be to arrange a consultation with a plastic surgeon who is experienced in rhinoplasty and discuss your desires. After examining your nose and face, they should be able to give you an idea of both the cost and the plan to give you a natural and beautiful nose.

Best of luck,

Jeff Rockmore

Rhinoplasty at seventeen is fine

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Dear Layla,

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding rhinoplasty. At age seventeen rhinoplasty is fine as your nose has fully matured by this time. I would suggest a few rhinoplasty consultations with experienced surgeons in PA and discuss your concerns and desires. In rhinoplasty surgery it is very important to make the nose aesthetically pleasing and in harmony with all of your facial features. I prefer a natural looking nose that helps harmonize the features together. I am not sure what area of PA you are in however my daughter went to Villanova and I know a few surgeons in the Bryn Mawr area that I would be happy to recommend. Please feel free to contact me at my website listed below and I will be happy to provide those to you. At seventeen you are a minor and this needs to be something you discuss fully with your family and make sure you are all on the same page. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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Rhinoplasty in 17 Year Old Female

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At 17 you are old enough to have a rhinoplasty because your nose is fully grown. First you   need the support of your parents. Pictures would give some insight into what should be done but an experienced surgeon can give you a smaller nose that looks natural.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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