Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

how and where in the world can i find good hands for rhinoplasty. i met a local surgeon but he declined tp perform it as he says he doesnt regularly do this . i have a minor deviated septum but a good high enough bridge but a slight depression towards the tip of the nose but overall my nose is something like michael jacksons original nose a tiny bit smaller though. what can i do. and where. money is not the matter. quality is. i prefer not to do two nose jobs but if i have to then shall see about it


Hi There,

Here is a link to the board certified doctors in your area who are qualified to perform Rhinoplasty.

Hopefully this helps!

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Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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Thank your local surgeon for being so honest. An experienced surgeon will be able to make all corrections in one operation. Look at the results of any surgeon with whom you consult whose work you like in patients that had a nose similar to yours.

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