After the Cast is Removed How Drastically Will My Nose Change?

hi ive just had my cast removed two days ago and i am feeling like im a candidate for plastic surgery gone wrong. does the appearance of the nose change drastically in the next week to follow?

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Appearance of Nose after Cast Removal

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Swelling may actually increase immediately after cast removal. The amount of swelling is frequently worse in patients who had grafting as part of their procedure and in people with thick skin. My best advice at this time is to be patient.

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Unhappy at 1 week post rhinoplasty

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You are probably around a week or so following surgery. At this point in time there is still a considerable amount of swelling and some distortions which can take 4 - 6 months to largely resolve and up to a year or more for maximal resolution. Be patient.

Rhinoplasy results

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When the splint is removed swelling often increases.  The nose certainly will not take on its final appearance for several months to a year. Be patient.

Nasal change after cast is removed should be minimal.

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The shaping and contour of the nose is done at surgery.  Once the cast has been on for the usual  1 week, an internal scar forms under the skin of the nose and holds the shape of the nose fairly stable thereafter.  The changes people usually see in the months after rhinoplasty are a decrease in swelling which gives more refinement to the final result.  Major changes in the shape, projection, tilt, etc rarely occur.  Follow up with your surgeon and be sure your concerns are addressed.

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