The is a Hard Bump on the Side of Nose 3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty, Should I Be Concerned?

Hello, I have had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago to refine the tip and despite specifically telling the surgeon I did not want him to mess with my bone structure, as I was totally happy with it, he went ahead and rasped the bone to make the bridge narrower. However now there is a bump on the right side of the bridge that feels hard to the touch. Is it possible that it's just residual swelling or should I be concerned? I'd go back to the surgeon but as he went again my instructions I don't trust him.

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Hard bump on the nose after rhinoplasty

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   There could be several causes for your concern. First of all, I wanted to say that 3 weeks is really early to tell if the changes that you have to the structure of the bridge of your nose will be permanent.  It would be unusual for the dense  scar tissue to form this early in the healing process but localized swelling can sometimes be palpable. The bone is covered with dense tissue called periosteum, and it is usually elevated prior to rasping. It functions to protect and nourish the bone. If disrupted it can form a callus which is new bone formation. YOu can also form small blood clots under it that can feel like bumps. This can happen on the side of the nose ater small cuts (or osteotomies) are placed to move the bones. Additionally, if there is residual bone dust  left behind from rasping, it can cause reactive new bone formation and form lumps and bumps. finally you can also get disruptions in the cartilage that is adjacent to the bone that can be detached or buckled as a result of agressive rasping. You should  try to follow up with your surgeon or seek a surgeon experienced in rhinoplasty near you. Good luck.

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Bump on nose

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It is possible that it is swelling and could be scar tissue, but more than likely it is bone if it is high up on the nose.

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