Have Had Multiple Revision Rhinoplasties, What Additional Non-Surgical Options Do I Have?

4 yrs ago i had a bad rhinoplasty which made my nose very flat and underprojected. i have since had alot of rhinoplasties which finally ended last week. i now hav a medpor implant and a rib cartlidge strut. as i believe all is done now to make my nose as long as possible i was wondering if there are more options to consider such as injectables etc etc. im willing to go extreme and was wondering if there are long term options. thanks alot

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Non surgical things after multipel Rhinoplasties?

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After multiple Rhinoplasties, the next best ioption, IMHO would be the use of soft tissue fillers.  Sometimes nasal massage will soften the tissues to the point these fillers can make the nose more symmetric and improve the overal shape.

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Options for nose after four rhinoplasties

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If you just had revision rhinoplasty surgery a week ago I would give your nose a chance to heal. Hopefully you won't need anything!

Your options going forward, once your nose has healed, do include fillers or another revision. A lot would depend on what bothers you. Filler injections to the nose can be risky in noses that have had several prior surgeries. This is especially the case with the tip of the nose.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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