Is A Hanging Columeller Normal After A Revision Rhinoplasty?

hi i had a columeller strut using rib cartlidge last week and wanted to know if the look of a hanging columeller is normal? this is also a multiple revision rhino. will this eventually go away or become higher and less hanging looking? is it just the swelling? what sort of results am i about to expect in the coming months. thanks

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Hanging columella after revision rhinoplasty

You may see a relative hanging columella after surgery from the swelling in the area. Columellar struts can cause a hanging columella if they project to far downward, pushing the columella with it. I'd check with your surgeon to get a better assessment of what is contributing to what you're seeing.

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Only your plastic surgeon can tell you if this is swellig or the strut graft is causing the hanging columella.

Most probably you are still swallen. But an exam is needed because if the graft has moved it needs to be fixed early.

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