Rhinoplasty - my doctor is against rib on the bridge cos of warping.

after having a medpor implant placed after unsuccessful septal grafts im happy but i realised that i really want to make the top of my nose bridge (radix region) alot WIDER so it makes the base of my nose LESS wider( have had alar base reduction) and less trianguler. im am having an open rhino soon with a rib cartiladge columella strut. what possibilities do i have for my bridge assuming medpor has already been placed. ps. my doctor is against rib on the bridge cos of warping.

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Want nose wider after Rhinoplasty

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I've performed Rhinoplasty for over 20 years and IMHO, making the bridge wider will not take away from a wide nasal tip.  Better to refine the tip and make all the areas of the nose more aesthetically attractive.  Pictures, of your nose, would help.


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This can definitely be accomplished.  Be wary of further artificial grafting material placed in the nose as frequently it can extrude and become infected.  Rib cartilage is a great source for material to rebuild the nose and creating further width in the high portion of the nose is definitely possible.  Often to give the best result, rib cartilage wrapped in fascia provides height, length and uniformity in dorsal reconstruction and gives an elegant, long lasting result.  Good luck!

Increasing Width of Nasal Bridge

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Cartilage, Medpor, or fascia can be used to augment the radix  (top of the bridge). Discuss all of these alternatives with your surgeon.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rib cartilage for nose

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Rib cartilage is an excellent choice for dorsal grafting.  It can be made a bit wider toward the radix if you want a wider bridge.

Rib vs. implant

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You can get similar results with either rib or an implant - the main advantage of the rib is that you would be at much lower risk for infection

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