Is Rhinoplasty Right for me or Will I Make my Nose Worse?

Hello! I live in NYC and I'm about to go to India for a rhinoplasty (due to low budget). I really wanna do it because some things are definitely wrong with my nose. My I'm scared to make it worse. That's what doctor wrote after seeing my pictures: "Long nose with slight hump at the dorsum.Tip is bulbous and the nostrils are asymmetrical. The columella is also deviated" IS IT WORTH THE RISK? I want to correct my nose not to make it worse... PLEASE HELP! Advice needed

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It's best to keep your Rhinoplasty Surgeon close to home.

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I read your concern. In my practice, my rhinoplasty patients are followed closely for the first year after surgery with an average of 5-6 visits. Your surgeon's description of your nose is completely accurate, but you won't have the luxury of visiting him for any concerns you may have after your procedure. You also appear to have thin skin which may be prone to show subtle irregularities after your nose job, and issues like these may be addressed easily in the office if they appear.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Regards from NJ.

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Here is the truth...

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The fact is you have good surgeons, great surgeons, average surgeons and horrible surgeons all over the world.  While most of the time you "get what you pay for" that is not always the case.  I have seen some very well known so called expensive "Top Plastic Surgeons," based on local magazine ratings and reputation, do some horrific things to noses while other lesser known surgeons in smaller cities do pretty decent rhinoplasties.  The same will be true of any country.  

But this is your face.  Its the most prominent part of your face.  Find a great surgeon no matter where or how much.  Rhinoplasty is not like shoe shopping.  Dont look for bargains for your face but also dont throw money out the door by finding an expensive surgeon who may not be as good as he thinks he is when it comes to nasal surgery. 

As far as  Dr. William B. Rosenblatt's comment goes, I think most surgeons would agree with his sentiment deep down but ultimately this is an online educational tool and none of us surgeons are here thinking that answering your questions will lead directly to you coming to us to do your rhinoplasty.  Answering your question may help hundreds of other potential patients who may have a similar question on their mind.  But your question is very subjective.  If you get good results then it was worth it.  If you get bad results then it may be the worst decision of your life.

Good luck.


Rhinoplasty - is it worth it

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If you get a good result, then it will be worth it. It all depends on who does your surgery. If you go to India for the price, you may or may not get what you want. If you get a bad result, will you go back to India for a revision?? If you have it done here and you need a revision it will probably be less costly in the long run. That said, I'm sure there are good surgeons in India as well.

Potential Nose Job Candidate

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No one but you can make the decision to have a nose job. The surgeons you consult, given that they are reputable and respectable, can offer you an honest opinion as to whether or not the surgery is likely to give you favorable results. Still, it is important for you to be the one who makes the final decision, free of any outside influences and with all the necessary considerations. In my professional experience, patients who do decide to move forward with a rhinoplasty surgery are most often very pleased with the results and with the aesthetic improvement of their appearance. You should not by any means, however, feel obligated or pressured into the surgery.

Best to have it at home

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It's always best to have your surgery performed by someone in your area, since you can then see them easily if a complication occurs. There's also less stress involved and medical standards are those that you're familiar with, as well as you'll be able to see them for followups. I usually recommend patients stay at least 2 weeks after their surgery if they do come from out of town, then find a trusted PS in their area when they return to their town.

Best to have rhinoplasty in the U.S.

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It is best to have a rhinoplasty performed in the continental United States.  Although prices are cheaper, India is still a third world country and their hygienic standards are not up to par with the United States health care system.  The rhinoplasty procedure would address narrowing and refining of the tip, straightening of the nasal bones, and any hump removal and feminization or refinement of the nose.  It is also important to make sure that this procedure is performed under a general anesthetic in attendance with a physician anesthesiologist in a certified surgery center, such as Medicare.  After all, the nose is the most prominent feature of your face and it is important to go to a rhinoplasty surgeon who has performed thousands of rhinoplasties.  

Shopping Price for Rhinoplasty Surgery

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There are excellent surgeons in India, but don't make price the ultimate parameter when having elective cosmetic surgery. If there are complications you will have to return to India or have a revision here in the United States. Having done revision rhinolasty for over 30 years, Ive seen the disappointment of many patients when they realize how much nasal improvement ultimately costs them. Save your money and have your rhinoplasty done by an expeerienced surgeon here in this country. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Not all Surgeons around the World are of Equal Skill

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Never, ever have a plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure including Rhinoplasty because of the price.  IMHO, you would be better served by saving your money until you can have a Rhinoplasty with a well experienced, US surgeon with a good reputation.  Not all surgeons around the world are of equal skill, training and experience.

Rhino in India

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I thought a whole bunch of us answered this question a day or two ago.  You obviously have significant doubts.  Why not postpone and see about doing the surgery at one of the residency training programs in your area - like Montefiore Hospital and Albert Einstein Medical Center.  Your costs will be significantly less and you are being treated in a US hospital under the supervision of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.  Whatever yourdecision, hopefully you don't regret it.


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I think I answered your question before in another post.  I am sure there are fine surgeons in India. However, if you live in NY you  may wnat to think twice about going to India for surgery.  If you have complications or issues that need to be addressed, don't you think it would be better if you live near your doctor. India is pretty far away to have follow-up.

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