Can Radiesse Fill the Dent Left After Rhinoplasty?

i had rhinoplasty 8 months ago and my PS said that my cartilage had shifted a little. He recommended using Radiesse to fill in the dent on the one side of my nose. Is it safe to use or is surgery a better option to fix it. What are my options other than an injectable filler, as i dont feel comfortable with a filler in my nose?

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Radiesse to fix a rhinoplasty dent

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Yes, Radiesse can work quite nicely to fix a small imperfection after rhinoplasty. You may need more than one treatment but if done right, you can have a permanent correction.



Filler for dent in nose

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Injectable fillers like Radiesse and Juvederm can be used to fill in the dent as your surgeon recommended however it is typically a temporary solution. Surgery can be performed to achieve a permanent solution. 

Radiesse after Rhinoplasty

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The Radiesse is usually a temporary solution, likely for a year or so, until there has been full healing at which time, if desired, a cartilage or Gore-tex graft could be placed as a permanent solution.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty to Improve Dents in Nose

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Minor dents in the nose or bridge can happen have rhinoplasty. Treatment may include filling it with either cartilage graft, which requires surgery, or office injection. Non-surgical rhinoplasty via office injections with either Radiesse or hyaluronic acid filler can provide temporary improvement, lasting for several months or longer. These nasal injections, however, should never be put into the tip of the nose. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can a rhinoplasty surgeon help determine appropriate options for you . Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki

Radiesse for dents in nose after Rhinoplasty

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Yes, Perlane, Radiesse, Juvederm or Restylane could all be used to fill in the dent created by the cartilage onlay graft moving or contracting and is perfectly safe.  The only issue is these are temporary fixes and you may want a permanent solution which is eother fixing the graft with a Revision Rhinoplasty or micro-droplet silicone injections.  This is, IMHO, the one and only approipriate use for silicone injections from those of you who regularly read my posts and blog comments.

Radiess for nasal irregularities

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Dear rhinoplasty patient,

Small imperfections after a rhinoplasty can be filler with Radiesse, which is a temporary filler.  This type of filler usually last 12-18 months.  This is a good temporary option to see if a filler will fix the issue.  For a more permanent solution, liquid Silikon injections can be use for small areas, but a revision procedure may be necessary for any larger dents or imperfections.  I hope this is helpful.

Dr. Ginsburg

Dent after rhinoplasty

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Very minor dents can be effectively dealt with by fillers. And Radiesse is a good though not permanent solution. If you like the result with radiesse then silikon microinjections (off label use) is the best. In some cases revision maybe necessary though. Good luck.

Andrew Pichler, MD
Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon

Fillers for rhinoplasty

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Fillers can be used to make minor adjustments for rhinoplasty. This is not unusual. I recommend using an HA first and then possibly consider a more permanent filler like radiesse or even fat. Good luck Dr. V South Shore Plastic Surgery

Nasal dent

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If you have a small depression after rhinoplasty a filler may be helpful to camouflage it. I prefer the hyaluronic acids.

Radiesse to Fill Dent after Rhinoplasty

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Radiesse can be used to fill a dent after rhinoplasty as long as it is not injected into the tip where compromised circulation may cause problems. The Radiesse will last 12-24 months. Surgical revision would be a permanent, but more involved treatment.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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