I Had a Rhinoplasty 3 Years Ago and the Tip of my Nose is Very Swollen on One Side?

Rhinoplasty 3 years ago aged 39. I revisited my surgeon Dec 2011. He told me it was swollen, enlarged, not my imagination, possible skin infection? Given - Aknemycin Plus which worked a bit for a couple of weeks then stopped, Im now on my 2nd course Tetralysal, its not working. It is swollen, especially first thing, one side in particular. The drugs are not working. I have stopped going out, I hide my face, avoid photos, try not to smile as this spreads my nose across my face, im devastated

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I Had a Rhinoplasty 3 Years Ago and the Tip of my Nose is Very Swollen on One Side?

Based upon the posted photos you need a tip rhinoplasty revision to remove more lower lateral alar cartilage and fibro fatty tissue. 

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Swollen Tip 3 Years Post Rhinoplasty

I would expect your nose to be very tender if this much swelling was secondary to an infection. You need  an  examination of your nose to diagnose the cause of your large tip which has not improved despite treatment. If you consult with other physicians make sure they have a copy of your rhinoplasty operative report.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Tip swelling 3 years post-op

Tip fullness still present at 3 years post-op is unlikely to be just swelling.  There are a number of options for improving this but the cause (cartilage, thick skin, scar tissue) needs to be determined

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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