I Had Rhinoplasty Four Years Ago and Still Get Scabs and Nose Bleeds, What Could be the Cause?

i had rhinoplasty four years ago and the scabs were normal with being there for a few weeks. but that was 4 years ago and have still got them. i also get nose bleeds quite frequently. what is causing them?

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Scabs and bleeding post-op

It is very difficult to answer your question without examining your nose – you should discuss your concerns with your doctor.  You may possibly have a septal perforation

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Scabbing and Nasal Dryness after Nose Surgery

Often one aspect of nasal surgery involves improving the airway to help with breathing. More airflow through the nose can lead to drying inside. This can be improved by placing some Vaseline inside each nostril with the tip of a Q-tip every morning and evening. Using nasal saline spray (Ocean) or nasal saline gel (Ayr) throughout the day will also help keep the nose moist and will help prevent excessive dryness and nose bleeding.

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Nasal scabs and bleeding after rhinoplasty.

The problem is usually caused by dryness and can usually be treated with Vaseline in the nose as far as the white of the q-tip and a vaporizer at night in your bedroom. If that does not work then you may still have septal deviation and need to see your surgeon.

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