I Had Rhinoplasty 3 Years Ago and Do Not my Pointed Tip. Is It Possible to Achieve a Rounded Tip from a Pointed One?

I had rhinoplasty 3 years ago - my original nose was very bulbous at the tip, the top of my nose was very wide and I had a small bump. The surgeon removed the bump and made the tip more pointed. Over the years the tip has began to point upwards slightly and you can actually see the cartilage from the front in a rounded like shape. I was wondering whether it would be surgically possible to go from a pointed tip to a slightly more rounded tip and how difficult would this be to achieve?

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Changing Your Tip

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Yes, it is possible to change your tip after a primary rhinoplasty.  Most likely a cartlidge graft will be necessary.  This could be performed through either a closed or open approach if everything else is fine.  Good back and consult your original surgeon if possible, but its also appropriate to get a second opinion.


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