Rhinoplasty 1 Year Later: Changes to Smile and Upper Lip? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty 1 year ago. The major correction I wanted was a minor shaving of the bridge. I also asked for a very subtle lifting of the tip - performed using cartilage taken from my ears. One year on - and all of my immediate concerns (which my surgeon said would resolve) are still there - the tip sticks out too much, is crooked, and worst of all, my smile has completely changed. My top upper lip now forms a constant U-shape, and does not lift (covers my teeth) when I smile. Can this be fixed?

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Crooked nose smile changes

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Why did the surgeon use ear cartilage graft. It looks like the nasal tip has irregularities from the cartilage grafting. Was the any cartilage put in the base of your nose as that may have changed your smile?


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