From the front I think my nose looks too large. Would Rhinoplasty Be Worth It? (photo)

From the side, I quite like my nose as it's fairly straight but from the front, I think my nose (escially the tip and bridge) is just a little too large for my face and stands out. I was discussing this with my family and they seem to think that my nose is fine so I was wondering what the doctors think. I am aware that Rhinoplasty is a massive and expensive procedure and the nose is in the centre of the face. Do you think Rhinoplasty would be worth it or should I just leave my nose alone?

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Would Rhinoplasty Be Worth It?

Following the proper aesthetics of nasal and facial beauty, your nose could have the slight dorsal hump reduced and tip thinned with a closed Rhinoplasty.  Whether, or not this aesthetic improvement is worth it or not is a question that you would need to answer.

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Tip and rhinoplasty. Should I have a rhinoplasty?

I would offer you specific advice:  You really have a lovely and interesting nose, and the only reason to consider changing anything would be if you were really determined to do so.

The reason I think you've become conscious of the tip shape is because when you look at models or actresses, you'll see that their bridge looks longer from the front view and the tip finer and shorter.  It is just a fact that a high proportion of models and actresses have had a finesse rhinoplasty to create a finer bridge and tip, so unfortunately that has sort of become the norm for facial attractiveness.  It's not really fair, but it's how it is.

In your case, a finesse rhinoplasty would involve making your lower lateral cartilages smaller and finer using various techniques, and ensuring that your projection was maintained to preserve your nasal beauty on lateral and threequarter views.  This would have the effect of making your bridge look finer and longer and your tip smaller and more defined.  Technically, that is, actually doing it would not be all that hard.  Your expectations should be high- your nose is straight, has mostly perfect anatomy and doesn't present a high risk of a poor result.

However:  you MUST be done by an expert, someone who regularly does finesse or minimal change rhinoplasty. So you need to carefully research possible surgeons before deciding.  Reading Realself extensively is a really good start to your understanding, there is a huge amount of advice on this site which you should read.

And finally:  Don't take what I've written to mean that I think you should have a rhinoplasty.  You have a lovely nose and face, and I hope that by explaining that what you're comparing your nose to are ones which have usually had surgery already, that you'll understand that you have a perfectly natural attractive nose. Whatever you do, take your time and be careful.


Good luck

Rhinoplasty for the minimal deformity.

Rhinoplasty for the minimal deformity must be weighed against the possible slight asymmetries that can happen even to experienced surgeons. I would need to see a full set of photos to give anything more.

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Without a full set of photos it's a little hard to tell but from what I see I would tend to counsel you to think long and hard about surgery. We have a saying in Plastic Surgery that "the enemy of good is better." That means if you have a good result or a good look and try to change it there is very little room for improvement weighing against the risks of surgery. When analyzing a nose for a cosmetic rhinoplasty I try to see what makes that nose look like it does not belong on that face, then do whatever surgical procedure it takes to take away that look so the nose isn't as visibly outstanding. With the pictures you enclosed, I don't see anything that makes your nose look unbalanced on your face.

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