Could Rhinoplasty Worsen the Nasal Obstruction?

i had a nasal trauma last year and i had my nasal septum deviated to the right side and my nasal bone broken, now I'm suffering from a mild obstruction that worsen while sleeping. i wish to undergo a Septorhinoplasty procedure... what is your opinion and could it worsen my nasal obstruction? Please, help.

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Can septoplasty worsen my breathing

You have a septoplasty to help your breathing . if done properly you will breathe better. Could it have the opposite effect? Why go into a life decision pesimistically. Seek out experienced doctors whom you trust an learn the benefits you seek

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Septorhinoplasty should not worsen nasal obstruction

A septorhinoplasty will not obstruct the nasal passageways.  Look for a surgeon who is experienced in performing both functional and cosmetic nasal surgery.  Septoplasty is performed out of medical necessity to improve airflow dynamics through the nose and is billed to medical insurance.  The rhinoplasty is performed for cosmetic purposes and is paid for by the patient.  Both of these procedures can be done together under general anesthesia.

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The purpose of a Septorhinoplasty is to help both the function and aesthetic appearance of the nose. Septorhinoplasty is the combination of septoplasty fixing the functioning aspect of the nose and rhinoplasty fixing the aesthetic changes to the nose. When doing a Septorhinoplasty the purpose is to achieve a good functioning nose by doing septal work and turbinates so when thinning the nose and making aesthetic changes you enhance the function at the same time rather then hinder it. A good surgeon will give you a aesthetically pleasing and functional nose.

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Septorhinoplasty should improve your breathing

Based upon what you have described it is likely that your breathing should improve following a septorhinoplasty.  Choose a surgeon that is familiar with both form and function in order to ensure the best outcomes.  If your symptoms are mild, as you have described them, and you are happy with the appearance of your nose medical management may be sufficient to get your breathing better.

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Septorhinoplasty should improve your breathing


If your plastic surgeon does a good job, meaning he fixes your septum and does a good rhinoplasty in a way not to compromise your nasal airway then your nose should look better and your breathing should improve.  But, if your surgeon does a lousy job then both issues can get worse.  You just have to choose the right Facial Plastic Surgeon or plastic surgeon who understands the inside and outside of your nose

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