Rhinoplasty - Almost 3 Weeks Ago and Not Pleased With Result? (photo)

I had done a nose job in Asia 3 weeks ago and I'm not every pleased w/ my result. My main reason for doing this was to define by tip but my tip is still round. When I touch my nose around the mid to my tip. its still fairly hard so i'm thinking its swelling but i'm worried that the tip will look like this forever. I do have thick skin and did not add any silicone. I had the following done: 1) Nasal bridge narrowing 2) Short nose extension (cartilage) 3) tiplasty - shave the tip to make it more defined

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Healing From Asian Rhinoplasty at 3 Weeks Out From Surgery

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At 3 weeks out from rhinoplasty surgery, you should expect that the nose will be moderately swollen. This is especially true given the fact that you have thick skin, which takes longer to heal compared with someone that has thinner skin. Your tip will continue to evolve and change for upwards of two years in some cases. Hang in there. You are very early in the healing process.

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Edema of the nasal tip after rhinoplasty

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Evaluating your photos, a marked volume reduction before & after.  It appears a fairly aggressive cephalic trim (removal of tip cartilage) was performed.

Especially with thick skin, swelling in the tip may take a full year to resolve.  That means it may continue to improve and show increased refinement up to a year, depending on what was done.  3 weeks is very early in the healing process, so give it some time.  


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Too early to tell and you should not worry too much

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I would like to reassure you that the result you see now is not your final result. I hope you have been informed that the recovery process for rhinoplasty procedure takes up to one year. You will notice during this time your nose will keep on changing in size and shape. At 3 weeks post surgery you are probably sill quite swollen. Patients with thicker skin like yours at the tip notice usually more swelling in this particular area. You need to be patient and make sure to follow up with your plastic surgeon to address your questions and concerns.

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