Rhinoplasty 2 Weeks and 5days After.. Sex and Punch to the Nose?

Hi, I had nasal surgery for 2 weeks and 5 days ago. I had sex with a girl. And when she sat over me, she managed to knock her elbow on the right side of the nose. I saw it, heard it hit, labeled no pain, no bleeding, hurried to the mirror. The nose looked straight, may have a small swelling on the nose tip.. But I'm afraid the result. I removed a hump on the bridge of the nose, and removed some cartilage on the inner part of the tip, ie closer to the back. I tapet 2 stripes micropore over brigde

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Hit to nose after rhinoplasty

My recommendation would be to see your surgeon to make sure you did not sustain any injury to your nose from the hit almost 3 weeks after your rhinoplasty.  Without examining you, it's difficult to know if there might be a problem or not.  

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