Rhinoplasty with Ultrasoft implant. Asian, 24 years old had a Septorhinoplasty for a deviated nose and septum?

Dear doctors, Before my surgery I spoke to 6 different doctors, they all told me to use a silicon implant for my nose to raise the bridge. Septum not enough Thinking that doctors know BEST that silicon is right option for me. I went ahead with the surgery. I now have a I shape Ultrasoft implant for my bridge. I only want to go through a rhinoplasty once in my life. I am afraid and on the verge of a breakdown. Will Ultrasoft implant in the nose last a lifetime? Please help me:(

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Worried about septorhinoplasty with implant

Are you having a problem with the L shaped nasal implant?

It sounds as though all is fine but you are anxious about your rhinoplasty.

You got good advice and made a good decision about your Asian rhinoplasty.

Few things in life last a life time. That is hard to accept at your age but this may be time to

enjoy your rhinoplasty and let go of your fear.

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Silicon Nasal Implants

The key to successful silicone nasal Implant insertion is using the right size, shape and placing it into the right tissue plane with suturing the implant so it doesn't move.
The type of implant is less important.

Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
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