Rhinoplasty - Can a Turned Down Nose and Tip Refinement Be Reversed (Back to They Way It Looked Before - Not Different)?

Hello! I am a 25 year old female who got Rhinoplasty done last October. I had an open nose surgery and it "had" to be broke - he then turned down my nose and refinement the tip. I am not at all happy with the turn down/tip refinement. My nose looks like a cabbage patch kid! And my nostrils don't look right from the sides either. It looks worse and wider when I smile. I regret fixing my face and want my old nose back. I'm young and stupid. I'm down $10,000 because of it too. :'(

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Rhinoplasty and tip refinement

Dear Advice101,

  • If you would like to go back to your old nose or something that looks better, it is very possible, especially since it has been more than six months
  • You can try approaching your surgeon too, this may be less expensive and they may want to fix his/her own work
  • Seek out a rhinoplasty specialist if you are considering a new surgeon, take a look at before and after photos to see if you like the results

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