Rhinoplasty Thinking About Revision to Return a Hooked Nose?

i underwent septorhinoplasty to fix a hook/beaked nose, it was done really well with what i believe he shortened the septum and sort of compressed the tip making it more pointy, could that be right? anyway id like to know is if my septum can be lengthened to downturn the tip to how it was prior to surgery so its hooked from profile exactly like it was, is this possible? if so whats the difficulty of procedure and risks?, and should i use the same surgeon or look for a specialist, thanks

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Lengthening the Nose

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The nose can be lengthened with cartilage grafts. I need to see pictures to determine if you can really create a hook but I have to ask why you would want to do this. Hopefully you selected a specialist for the first procedure; if so, consult with that surgeon.

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Want my old nose back

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As a physician my advise is to see a psychiatrist first. Then make your decisions and what changes you want and what will make you happy.

Samir Shureih, MD
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