Thick Mucus After Rhinoplasty

My doctor said that he corrected the perforated septum during Rhinoplasty. However, I'm not breathing clearly and it seems like an extremely thick mucus goes from left nostril to right nostril and clogs it. I blow it gently and it sounds like mucus. Can u explain what this is? Will it go away?

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You must find out the cause first.

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 Go back to your surgeon and have him evaluate what he sees on examination of your nose. There are many treatment options, but they depend on the various causes.

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Many different options for loosening mucous plugs after nose surgery

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You may clearly want to discuss this with your surgeon.

There are many ways to loosen the mucus.

There are many different medications that contain guaifenesin which is a drug that reportedly loosens mucous.

Nasal irrigation with a Neti pot is also very useful.

Nasal decongestants and aerosolozied steroid sprays may be useful but controversial in light of your recent surgery.

Also use of saline nasal sprays is generally harmless.

Many patients find steam or humidified air very beneficial in loosening mucous as well. There are many devices to achieve this.

As always discuss with your surgeon.

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