Would Rhinoplasty be the answer to my 'defect'? (Photo)

I am considering rhinoplasty to re-shape/fix a 'defect' on my nose. I have a lump that protrudes from the left side of my nose, leaving my nose not symmetrical in anyway. This issue has lead to server self consciousness and has/can lead to a self hatred that can last a max of 1-2 months at a time. I have tried to except that this is just what I was meant to look like but I have recently noticed that it is worse than I thought. I severely struggle with kiloid scaring

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Would I benefit from a rhinoplasty?

Thanks for the querry

I think the problem you see is related to the tip cartilages, and it is a true a rhinoplasty would address this. But there is a time and a place for surgery.

A rhinioplasty is a surgical procedure, one that needs to be considered, and there are age guidelines as to when is the right time.  The surgery is best left until skeletal maturity, ie the end of facial growth, so age is an issue to ensure in the long term you get the best result.

You need a proper consultation with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and from there you can plan the best way forward.

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Jeremy Hunt 

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Would Rhinoplasty be the answer to my 'defect'?

   I think that a rhinoplasty for tip refinement is reasonable in your case.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Is rhinoplasty a good option for your nose

Thanks for including pictures here.  They give some indication that there is a fullness of the left nasal lobule.  This is the tip of the nose.  But the best pictures to evaluate the nasal anatomy are good clear front, side, and oblique pictures. A good rhinoplasty surgeon can refine the nose in a manner that is not apparent following surgery.  Good plastic surgery is that which is not apparent.  However, the best option to determine treatment is to visit a good board certified plastic surgeon.  Nothing can substitute for a physical exam of the nose.

This should be free of charge.  At that time, your doctor can evaluate your nasal anatomy and carefully examine the area of fullness.  I agree that you may feel more confident without this region of fullness.  Based upon the photos, I do believe that a rhinoplasty primarily involving tip refinement would be of benefit.  Most physicians like to wait until patients are age 15 to 16.  This will ensure that the nose is nearly completely matured prior to surgery.  I hope this helps!

Jason Hess, MD
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