Stuffy Nose Related to Hitting an Arm and Dizziness?

I was driving in a car 3 weeks after my Rhinoplasty. A car cut me off and I got heated, smacked my arm into the side of the door. Shortly afterwards I felt a bit dizzy and my nose became very stuffy. Is is possible that these are related? Did I ruin my nose, I know it seems like a silly question because I didnt actually hit my nose, but its my second nose and I am a nervous wreck. Is it possible the vibration shifted something?

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Rhinoplasty - hitting arm related?

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Don't worry - I don't think you ruined your nose.  It's unlikely the vibration from hitting your arm shifted anything in your nose.  If you have any concerns, have your surgeon take a look to make sure everything is ok.

Dr. Cat Begovic M.D.

Keep it cool

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Your road rage incident may have caused your heart rate and blood pressure to increase momentarily causing you to feel light headed. Just mention this incident to your doctor at your next visit.

Robert Vitolo, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Unlikely to for this to change your nasal shape

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It is hard to know for sure but it is unlikely that the two are related.  The only thing that would cause your nose to shift following a rhinoplasty would be a direct blow to the nose.  If you have any concerns check with your surgeon.  A nasal exam may be in order. 

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