Nasal Taping to Reduce Rhinoplasty Swelling?

It has now been 2 months after my Rhinoplasty and the doctor is just suggesting nasal taping to reduce the swelling. Is it futile at this point, or will it actually help (to do so at night).

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Rhinoplasty Recovery: Nasal Taping May Help Reduce Swelling

Taping the bridge of the nose and the supratip area (area above the tip) can significantly reduce postoperative edema (swelling). Gentle pressure from the tape does two things. First, it can help 'press' out some of the swelling that results from trapped fluid in the tissues. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, pressure on the tissues causes the collagen fibers in scar tissue to become more organized, which reduces the volume of the swollen area.

The most effective for taping is in the first six months after surgery. You should still get a benefit even if you havent started taping until 2 months after surgery.

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Taping after rhinoplasty

I generally have patients tape for up to 4 weeks after rhinoplasty.  It may not add much after this time.  Swelling varies from patient to patient and may take up to 18 months to completely resolve.   Donald R Nunn MD Plastic Surgeon.

Donald Nunn, MD
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Taping the nose after Rhinoplasty

I typically tape the nose after surgery for the first postoperative week. In my opinion after the first few weeks taping would be futile. Swelling should dissipate in time. Stay away from a high sodium diet, sleep with a few pillows behind you to elevate the head and avoid sun and high heat temperatures when possible. Remember time is on your side!

Michael Elam, MD
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Nasal taping not very helpful 2 months out

Usually, taping is something done within the first few weeks after surgery. After about a month, it might not make much of a difference.

However, swelling does take about 6-12 months to go away. Since I have not examined you, I do not know how much swelling you have. It is possible that you may have more swelling than usual and your surgeon is trying to reduce it by suggesting you tape it at night.

I recommend you share your concerns with your surgeon. He/she may have a very good explanation for the taping at this point.

John Diaz, MD
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Nasal taping after rhinoplasty

It is not very helpful to do nightly taping of the nose after the first few weeks. The taping itself can cause irritation of the skin and further problems. There can be daily or weekly change in the nose size from periodic swelling. However, it settles on its own with time. If you are concerned about swelling avoid sun exposure and excessive salt intake.


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