Rhinoplasty Swelling 5 Weeks Post-Op-Normal?

Its been 5 weeks since my surgery and my nose has not decreased in size and looks bigger than before surgery from profile view. From the front i can see that the swelling is going down. I had a bump removed and size was decreased in length.

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Post operative swelling varries greatly from patient to patient. Check with your physician to be sure you are on the right track>

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When can you expect swelling to go down after rhinoplasty?

There are a number of factors to come in to play regarding swelling after rhinoplasty.  The first and most obvious is extent of work.  Did you have a lot done? If so, expect swelling to last a while.  Next is previous work; was this your first nasal surgery?  Revision rhinoplasty will have more persistent swelling than primary rhinoplasty.  Skin thickness plays a part.  People with thicker skin will look swollen for longer after their surgery.  Finally, was the nose reduced in size significantly?  Reduction rhinoplasty requires more time for the skin to shrink over the newly smaller nasal skeleton.

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Rhinoplasty Swelling 5 Weeks Post-Op-Normal?

No photos posted, very hard to advise. But nasal swelling can take months. Discuss with your chosen surgeon to understand the nature of postoperative nasal healing. 

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