What Make's a Rhinoplasty Surgeon Specialized?

1. When is a surgeon, considered specialized in rhinoplasty? How many years expierence & how many noses a week should lead 2 this predicate? Whats reasonable & 'safe' 4 a patient 2 require/ask as an absolute minimum? 2. What to say for a facial surgeon/nose specialist vs. an 'also entire body' surgeon; 4 nose sugery? Is there much differents between both, 4 rinoplasty in knowledge? How important is it 2 get a specific specialized nose surgeon? Anything related 2 this specific would be welcome.

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Experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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You are doing the right thing by doing your research before having any surgery done.  A facial plastic surgeon generally has had training in head and neck surgery / facial plastic surgery with additional training that is subspecialized in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.  A body plastic surgeon generally has had training in general surgery followed by subspecialty training in plastic and reconstructive surgery.   The facial plastic surgeon has had focused training only in the face,head,and neck.

There is no absolute minimum number of surgeries or years of experience that will guarantee that the surgeon is experienced.  A lot of this depends on the surgeon's surgical techniques, skill, and aesthetic eye.  Please continue your research before selecting your surgeon.  Look at your surgeon's educational background, training, and hospital privileges and make sure you feel comfortable with him/her before moving forward.

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Finding a specialized rhinoplasty surgeon

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There is no one set of factors that makes a plastic surgeon a rhinoplasty specialist. In fact, anyone can call him or herself a rhinoplasty specialist.

Experience is certainly a factor to keep in mind, but a surgeon can perform rhinoplasty poorly for years if they don't work to continually refine their technique. Finding someone how focuses their practice on nasal surgery is also a good indicator. A surgeon who has an aptitude and/or love for rhinoplasty will often focus on rhinoplasty and nasal surgery.

Whether a surgeon is a facial plastic surgeon or general plastic surgeon is less important, though a higher percentage of facial plastic surgeons perform rhinoplasty surgery, in my experience.

Probably what is most important is to make sure you like your chosen surgeon's before and after photos of other patients they have operated on. You'll want to make sure the after photos are of long term results (at least a year). The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes.

Rhinoplasty Specialist

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Your question is a good one.  The most important thing that you should look for is a rhinoplasty surgeon who does noses the way that you would like to have your nose appear.  Training is extremely important and experience is even more crucial as the more noses that you do the more comfortable and skilled the surgeon becomes with rhinoplasty.  If your surgeon is performing a great deal of rhinoplasty then it is likely that they do the procedure well, will definitely have a lot of experience, and people like their work.  Finally, it is important to feel a connection with your rhinoplasty surgeon.  When the procedure goes well, as it normally will, the connection is easy.  If you should have concerns following your procedure it is important that you feel comfortable enough with your surgeon to raise these issues and know that they are listening and your satisfaction is their highest priority.

Specialization in rhinoplasty

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Specialization and expertise in rhinoplasty is important since this is a difficult operation. How is a patient to know whether their surgeon is qualified? No matter what the surgeon tells you about how many he/she does, there is no way to verify that number. The best you can probably do is to see whether the surgeon's before and after photos suggest an emphasis on noses. If 9 out of 10 photos are of breast augmentation, you can bet that rhinoplasty is not that surgeon's main area of interest or experience. You can also truly determine how many years the surgeon has been in practice and what the surgeon is trained and board-certified in. Obviously a Facial Plastic Surgeon (www [dot] abfprs [dot] org) specializes extensively in such procedures, but there are also some very excellent general plastic surgeons. Get a sense, too, whether the surgeon's patients look natural in the photos and that they are far enough post-op that you're looking at a reasonably "final" result. Even a surgeon who's been around a long time or sits on important committees or gives lots of talks at meetings isn't necessarily good at rhinoplasty (but those are good traits).

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Specialized Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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Rhinoplasty is considered by many surgeons to be the most difficult procedure they perform. The reason is there is a very fine line between form and function. As a patient, you want your nose to look the best that it can but you also want it to work! There are many excellent Facial Plastic as well as "Entire Body" Plastic Surgeons that do great work. The advantage of the Facial Plastic Surgeon for Rhinoplasty is their base training in Otolaryngology(ENT). This training focuses on problems specifically related to the head and neck, in particular, the form and function of the nose and related structures. As far as experience, this is a tough question as everyone has to start somewhere. One very important factor is for you as the patient to feel comfortable with your surgeon on a personal as well as professional level. Does he or she answer all of your questions to your satisfaction? Do they spend time with you discussing your desires and your planned procedure? For your part, you must be "up front" with them as far as what you want to achieve. Some things may not be attainable and they should tell you this from the start. Ask to see pictures of prior patients and possibly even patient references. Seek consultations with several surgeons and choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Even with all this, complications may still arise. It is the nature of beast, there are no absolute guaranties. Be wary of those that offer them. The measure of a good surgeon is that if these occur, they are recognized and dealt with appropriately. What the good surgeon is looking for is to make his or her patient as happy as they can possibly be.

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What Make's a Rhinoplasty Surgeon Specialized?

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I have performed Rhinoplasty for well over 20 years and IMHO it takes a minimum of 7-10 years for a plastic and cosmetic surgeon to gain experience performing Rhinoplasty.  Some surgeons may take longer.  Remember performing something poorly or in an less than aesthetic manner, no matter how many a day or week are done, won't make anyone proficient at performing Rhinoplasty.  Here is what does, IMO:

  1. Training: facial plastic, general plastic and cosmetic surgeons all have the training
  2. Experience: will vary among members of each of the three groups listed above
  3. Skill: is highly variable, IMO, among any profession, including Rhinoplasty Surgeons
  4. Aesthetic Judgement: is key, IMHO and isn't taught but mastered.  The best technician with the wrong aesthetic judgement can't get you the results you seek, IMO.

Have several consultations, avoid free consults and computer imaging sales pitches and see what Rhinoplasty Surgeons connect with you by presenting their aesthetic evaluation and Rhinoplasty plan.  You'll know what sounds right when you hear it...everything else is just noise.

Rhinoplasty specialists have a great deal of experience and do natural noses.

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  Rhinoplasty specialists have a great deal of experience and do natural noses. There is no magic number and some surgeons have better training than others. The bottom line is what the noses look like--are they natural or surgical looking. Having done rhinoplasty for 35 years, if the nose looks surgical, then the result is not good.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty Specialist criteria

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Rhinoplasty is the most complex of all cosmetic surgeries with results that may be unpredictable at times and results that can change many decades later.  Therefore, to optimize the results for the best possible outcome, you should seek out someone who understands the nose and does a good rhinoplasty. 

There are very good Facial Plastic Surgeons and there are very good Plastic Surgeons out there.  There are also not so good ones of both.  Since Rhinoplasty is such a unique surgery, there are a number of cosmetic surgeons who have dedicated the vast majority of their practice and careers to this one operation.  Being a specialist at anything increases your chances of success compared to being a jack of all trades.  But that alone is not enough.  Each surgeon has a different taste and plan for your nose.  Doing lots of research is good. 

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