Who is the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Dallas for African Americans?

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Finding the Best Texas Rhinoplasty Surgeon

The are several methods to determine the best rhinoplasty surgeon for you. Start and continue your research, and speak with a couple surgeons in your area. Each person decides for themselves which surgeon is best for their specific goals and expectations. Only then can you determine the best plastic surgeon for you.

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African American Rhinoplasty


The best way to find a surgeon who has experience in African American Rhinoplasty is to use the internet and see the work of the surgeon. Then go to see that surgeon and ask for patient referrals. If you are happy with the surgeons previous results,  you'll be happy with your results.

Don't get bogged down with the number of diplomas or which Board has certified the surgeon. That has nothing to do with experience and results, which is ultimately what you want.. great results.



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"BEST" Nose Surgeon in Dallas

You need to to to the American Society of Plastic Surgery website, look the tab SELF-TITULAR EGO STROKED SURGEONS.

Under that tab you need to choose and scroll through

- Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon Alive
- Best Breast Reduction Surgeon Alive
- Best Liposuction Surgeon Alive etc etc 

until you reach

- Best Nose Surgeon Alive. Click here.

It will take you to NOSE TYPES

you'll have a McDonald's type menu with pictures of every type of nose we see. Click on yours.

It will then take you to  LOCAL RACES.

Here you'll need to enter your zip code to get the list of God's gift  to Nose surgery in you area.

You are done. You found your surgeon.

If you have difficulties with this section of the site or its search function, please contact B. Bushkin, BSA, MBS, BSPhD, ALL, DLL, GVL, MPL the PR agent managing, I mean assisting these surgeons.

Now - you don't REALLY believe this, Do you?

Dallas has MORE great nose surgeons than almost any other American City. Its surgeons are world famous - Drs. J. Tebbetts, S. Byrd, J. Gunter, R. Rohrich and others have literally written books on the topic. See either one of them rather than reading one of Bombastic Bushkin's clients' press clippings.

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Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Dallas for African Americans

The ASPS website is a good starting point to find qualified surgeons in your area. Dr. Christopher Derderian and Dr. Patrick Pownell are two possibilities. Consult with 2 - 3 surgeons in your area to find the one that best meets your needs.

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Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Dallas

Go to the website of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, located in Alexandria VA. to find a list of rhinoplasty surgeons in your area. Look at their websites and then consult with surgeons whose results you like. Excellent surgeons operate on patients from all ethnic groups.

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Rhinoplasty ethnic

Fullness of the tip can be reduced as can the width of the nostrils. Also, the bridge of the nose can be "built" up. Unfortunately though, the skin may be quite thick. You have to be careful that the skin is not thinned or scarring, a la M.Jackson could result.

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Rhinoplasty surgeons

There are many good rhinoplasty surgeons in Texas.  The best way to start is to go the ASPS website and find surgeons in your area, then ask around.

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