Recommendations for Rhinoplasty Specialist in the Carolinas

Who would you recommend for a rhinoplasty in the Carolinas? Charlotte seems to have a lot of plastic surgeons that do bodies as well as faces. I'd rather see a facial plastic surgeon that is also an ENT. The few that I've found I'm unable to find any reviews by former patients. I'm considering GA at this point if need be.

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Rhinoplasty specialist in the Carolinas

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I am a Facial Plastic Surgeon and an ENT so I understand the qualifications you are looking for with these specialities. However rhinoplasty surgery is a procedure that is done best by a surgeon who has a lot of experience in the field of rhinoplasty. Many other surgeons who are board certified plastic surgeons who are not ENT trained may also have lots of experience in rhinoplasty then other surgeons. Specialities do not always tell you experience. I would suggest going to several highly recommended surgeons in your area. Look at their before and after photographs and see if you find them aesthetically pleasing. A good rhinoplasty surgeon with lots of experience should have several post operative rhinoplasty patients in their waiting room daily either for splint removal, recheck appointments etc. Speak with the surgeons patients and discuss their experience and come back and see their results. I have at least five to ten rhinoplasty rechecks weekly and I welcome my consulting patients to speak with all of my patients. I also suggest going to a surgeon who has a digital imaging computer which allows you, the patient during the consulting phase to see the proposed surgical results. This helps to see if you are on the same page with your surgeon and the desired results are aesthetically pleasing to both of you. Seek recommendations from your local hair salons, cosmetic counters, etc they see a lot of surgery and typically know who is good in town. Start from there and take your time and when you find the right surgeon it will feel right and you will be well informed. Best regards!

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