Should I Consider Rhinoplasty with my Septoplasty?

Saw an ENT at Kaiser in Panorama City for sinus issues, offered to remove the hump and lift the tip of my nose. My insurance covers it. He has over 25 years of experience and has performed thousands. he's unable to show before & after photos of his work. I'd love a talented ENT to sculpt my nose but i have no way of knowing this ENT's artistic abilities. Does anyone know of Dr.Levin? If i cannot acquire enough feedback on his cosmetic abilities I will undergo the septoplasty WITHOUT the rhinoplasty.

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 A septoplasty only corrects deviation of your septum and does not affect the external part of your nose, unless the bone is so crooked it has to be straightened as part of the septoplasty.

I am concerned the surgeon does not have any before or after photos to show you.  I would consider this as a red flag.  He may be very good at doing septoplasty but not rhinoplasty.

The problem with doing septoplasty followed by rhinoplasty is that a portion of the septum is typically removed to allow straightening of the septum.  You may not have enough septum left to be used for your rhinoplasty, thus requiring ear cartilage or even rib cartilage harvesting.

My recommendation is to see a board certified ENT OR plastic surgeon who has an interest in rhinoplasty.  He/she should have before and after photos to show you. Unfortunately, rhinoplasty is considered cosmetic and will NOT be covered by insurance. But why not pay a bit more and have it done right from the start??!!!

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There are no Plastic surgeons or ENT who have done thousands of rhinoplasty. Thousands is utter lie.

Can not show pictures and done thousands . How simple are you. The surgeon suggested cosmetic surgery for you when all what you went for is functional issues. Be careful, surgeons should not suggest cosmetic surgery for patients coming for other reasons,

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