Swelling and Re-emerging Bump After Rhinoplasty

I had Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty 6 months ago. At almost 3 weeks after the surgery, the nurse told me I could take 4-6 Ibuprofen a day to reduce swelling since Thanksgiving was coming and I looked so swollen. I did, and by Thanksgiving, I looked better and was happy, only little swollen. I had a bump before and it looked smooth from side view. At my next appointment, the doctor said don't take anything. I stopped taking Ibuprofen. It became very swollen again and the bump is re-emerging. It looks uneven 6 months later. Will it improve?

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Rhinoplasty Healing

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The nose is made up of many different tissues: bone, cartilage, skin, muscle, fat, and mucosa.

All tissues heal at a different rate. Therefore, as healing progresses, the nose will change. Bumps may emerge and then go away. The nose may look more swollen from certain angles at different times.

It is not unusual to feel that the nose looks swollen at 4-6 weeks. The skin and soft tissues of the profile settling makes the frontal view look wide. The bone work will create a slight bump as well as fullness near the cheeks. Bone healing takes the longest, as does tip recontouring.

Try to be patient and see how things progress

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Revision or cortisone injections

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Ibuprofen will not help the swelling bump after a rhinoplasty. A small bump that presents after a rhinoplasty has been performed can be related to lymphatic edema or a small cartilage irregularity on the bridge of the nose. If it is truly a cartilaginous irregularity, it will have to be shaved down through minor revision. If the bump is just edema and swelling, this can be improved with cortisone injections into the tip.

William Portuese, MD
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It may go down in another 6 months.

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 Some noses take 12 months for the last little bit to go down. Return to your surgeon and have him evaluate the swelling. He will be best able to advise you since he knows what he did in surgery.

Toby Mayer, MD
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