Possible Deviated Septum?

I was boxing a few weeks ago, and I got hit on my nose. My nose got swollen, and now I can only breathe from my right nostril. I can only breathe in very little from my left nostril. But when I exercise, I can breathe better from both nostrils. My nose has always been a little crooked, and it looks different from every angle. I also have a bump on my nose. Is it possible that I have a deviated septum? Can I still box with a deviated septum? Should I have Rhinoplasty / Septoplasty for this?

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Boxing and nasal surgery

You need a nasal xray and internal examination to assess the damage. I hope you won the bout! I would recommend that you defer corrective surgery until your boxing days are over.

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Nasal Surgery and Boxing

What you describe is typical of a deviated septum. It also sounds like you broke your nose when boxing. Certainly you can box with a deviated septum, but your breathing may be compromised. However don't have any corrective nasal surgery until you give up the sport. Believe me, I know.

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Boxing can cause or worsen a deviated septum

A "deviated" septum simply means that the septum, which is the "wall" that divides the right and left sides of the nose, is crooked. Sometimes people are born with a deviated septum. Sometimes it results from an unrecognized injury as a child which then becomes deviated from growth as a child into an adult. Other times, it is the result of an injury.

You may have had a deviated septum prior to the boxing injury. You may have injured the nose causing more deviation of the septum while boxing. That's not unusual. But, it's also possible that the swelling you experienced was not from an actual break or fracture of the septum.

You can still box if your septum is deviated. If you do not get hit in the nose, any deviation of the septum should not get worse. But, whether your septum was or is straight and whether or not you ever had the boxing injury, boxing, of course, just like any "contact sport" could injure your nose.

So, if you are a surgical candidate (which can be assessed by a surgeon who performs this kind of surgery) and you desire functional and/or cosmetic improvement, you could consider Septoplasty and/or rhinoplasty. It would not make sense, though, to do this procedure until you no longer are boxing!

David W. Stepnick, MD
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