Rhinoplasty Revision Costs?

Hi ~ I had a rhinoplasty involving tip refinement and a graft added at the top of the nose. The graft was taken from my ear . Unfortunately the graft was not fully successful, and whilst attached , it can freely move from left to right about 7mm. My surgeon told me to wait one year and then to visit him again Can I ask what is the usual proceedure regarding costs to re-attach the graft so that it stays in place & does not move ? Does the patient normally pay all the costs again , etc ?

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Rhinoplasty Revision Costs?

      The cartilage graft can be secured with suture if there is mobility.  There should not be a surgeon's fee, but there may be a minimal charge for operating room and anesthesia fee depending upon how involved the revision is.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Revision policy for rhinoplasty varies by surgeon

Each surgeon will have his/her own policies regarding revisions of their own surgeries, so you should discuss with yours the specifics.  In general, though, most surgeons will not charge a surgeon fee for revisions which are felt necessary by both the patient and the surgeon.  

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