Rhinoplasty Revision/ Blapheroplasty Recovery... Can I Continue my New Vitamins?

I wish to have a rhinoplasty revision in April, it was October 2011 since my primary rhinoplasty and I feel that the bump is still on the bone and I wish for my nose to be a more sloped shape. 6 days after my first I had continuous profuse bleeding through my left nostril and was hospitalized, this worries me although when I had my first I had a bit of flu. I also take Procerin tablets for hairloss, should I stop taking this in advance of my surgery as will they effect my recovery?

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Rhinoplasty with excessive bleeding

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It is important to review with your surgeon and anesthesiologist all medications you need to stop prior to surgery. I take all of my patients off aspirin, aspirin containing compounds, vitamins and herbs. These are all blood thinners as well as a plethora of other medications. When consulting with a new surgeon and anesthesiologist discuss your history, your medications etc and he/she will properly advise you. When my patients come in for their preoperative appointment two to three weeks before surgery we go through all medications for clearance for surgery. The anesthesiologist and patient coordinator print out each patients preoperative orders regarding medications and discontinuation. Best regards!

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