Rhinoplasty Result After 5 Weeks, Deviated Nose, Breathing Difficulty? (photo)

My photos after 5 weeks of Rhinoplasty to fix droopy nose, I am dissappointed by the result due to deviated nose tip to the left, difficulty breathing in my left nostril and assymetry (right nostril higher than left). I know that final results take upto a year to be judged, but, I am seeking your best professional diagnostic for the outcome of my operation, do you forsee a possible success in a revision surgery and what corrections need to be done?

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Rhinoplasty Result After 5 Weeks, Deviated Nose, Breathing Difficulty? (photo)

First of all you have to wait until all the swelling/bruising subsides.

Based on the pictures above I see a multitude of issues from the post op pix when compared to your preop:

1. Tip deviation/asymmetry

2. alar retraction with collapse of nasal valves (looks like both external and internal nasal valves on both sides)

3. notching in both soft triangles

4. bony over resection, cartilaginous polybeak

5. Can't assess the inside (septum, turbinates, etc.)


Once all the swelling has subsided you have to discuss your goals and expectations with your surgeon and proceed from there.


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Deviated nose after rhinoplasty

While it's very early in your post-operative course, if I had a crystal ball I suspect I would see a revision in your future.  Compared to your preop photo, you have had quite a bit of cartilage resected from your nose, which has weakened the structural integrity of it.  This is causing many of your issues including the tip/dorsal deviation, "pinching" and collapse of your ala and nasal valves, and breathing difficulty.  It is collapsing now because it has been weakened, and correction will involve restoring the structural framework of your nose by adding cartilage and strength back to it.  

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5 Weeks After Rhinoplasty

Although it is early in your overall recovery, I predict that you will require revision rhinoplasty.

There are multiple issues including pinching of your tip, nasal deviation and disharmony of the nasal dorsum (bridge) call pollybeak deformity.

Unfortunately, these things will not get better over the months; it will most likely worsen. Your breathing issues due to nasal valve collapse and presumably deviation of the nasal septum.

I would recommend to seek advice from an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon including, of course, your first surgeon.

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After rhinoplasty surgery

Deat billfarah,

  • You should go see your surgeon soon, sometimes some things can be done in the office.  
  • You should see him/her for additional guidance on what to do next

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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5 weeks after rhinoplasty

It looks like you have several issues post op. First the nasal bridge is deviated to the left, you have nasal valve collapse at least on one side and a polly beak deformity not to mention too much cartilage removed from the nasal tip. You will need a revision with correction of the pollybeak, spreader grafts and lower lateral cartilage reconstruction.If your septum is still deviated then that will have to be fixed too. Find someone with a lot of rhinoplasty experience.

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