Could Rhinoplasty Restore Symmetry To My Face After Injury To Midface Years Ago.

I was hit in the midface by a baseball bat at the age of 11, and now my midface is growing noticeably asymmetric. The rest of my face looks absolutely normal, but my nasal bones aren't properly aligned above my mouth. Can Rhinoplasty restore natural features and symmetry to my cheeks, forehead, and midface even years after trauma? And which method is generally more effective at nasal reconstruction: Manual Osteotomies, or Powered micro-saw Rhinoplasty?

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Rhinoplasty Repair after Facial Trauma

Your nose can be repaired and the nasal bones can be aligned by an experienced surgeon, but do not be concerned about the technique. Without pictures it is impossible to make any recommendations about your facial asymmetry. Some asymmetry is normal, but if yours is severe following your trauma a rhinoplasty will not improve other facial asymmetries.

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Can a Rhinoplasty Fix Facial Asymmetry

Without a photo, it is impossible to tell you any specifics. However, facial asymmetry whether congenital or traumatic is unrelated to the nose. If your nasal bones are asymmetric then you can usually make them more balanced within the nose, but this does not fix mid-face deficiencies. You can address this specifically with a maxillofacial surgeon, but I would not expect the nose to have any effect on the face. And the tools you describe are irrelevant to success in surgery.

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Could Rhinoplasty Restore Symmetry To My Face After Injury To Midface Years Ago.

  No, that's highly unlikely IMHO.  The midface must be addresed specifically for the aesthetic creation of a naturally, more attractive face.  Differences in symmetry, of the midface, exist in everyone...even the extremely attractive and unless severe (which it maybe due to trauma) need not be addressed.  Be sure that the plastic and cosmetic surgeon, you select, understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attractive face.

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Nasal trauma and crooked nose.

This can be straightened with a septorhinoplasty. How the surgeon does this and with what tools is of no importance. What is important is his experience and skill--choose the surgeon, not the tools.

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Rhinoplasty and aesthetic facial balancing after midface trauma

Usually in cases such as your description, balancing of the midface and sometimes of the chin as well is indicated during the rhinoplasty.  In post traumatic cases especially with delayed repair such as yours, it is important to completely release the structural components of the nose and either support them or  more likely in your case replace them with a rib cartilage framework.  It is unlikely that a rhinoplasty without rib cartilage and intelligent surgical design will result in a clinical success.  I would suggest finding a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with advanced craniofacial experience as they will have the skill set to deliver an aesthetically sound result.  The remainder of the facial balancing can usually be achieved with well placed fat grafts.  I hope this helps!


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