Possible to Remove Gortex Implant and Get Old Bridge?

Is it possible to remove the Gortex implant and get back my old bridge (even though the bone was shaved slightly)? Or will I end up with a bridge that is lower than my original?

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Gortex in Nose

Certainly the Gortex can be removed. Whether or not you will then have less projection of your bridge depends on how much bone was "shaved" during the original surgery. Although It is unlikely you will recover your old bridge, a small piece of cartilage could be placed after Gortex removal. I'll play devil's advocate and ask why you want to remove the Gortex? Discuss your concerns and goals with your surgeon.

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Revision Rhinoplasty and Implant Removal

It is possible to remove nasal implants during a revision rhinoplasty. The ability of the surgeon to "give you your old nose back" however, depends on what was performed and how much of your nasal framework was removed in the original surgery.

Your best bet is to seek the opinion of a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. Bring photographs of how your nose used to look as this will help the surgeon know how much, if any, the bridge needs to be built back up.

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Your bridge may be lower

It really depends on the extent of the "slight shave" 

You do not specify why you want your Gortex removed. Is it too big or are there other reasons (infected?).

You may want to consider a thin septal cartilage graft to replace the Gortex if you currently are satisfied with the correction obtained.

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