Should I Be Worried About Rhinoplasty Related Necrosis After Multiple Surgeries?

hello, i have had 4 bad bad rhinoplasties and i have now found a good surgeon to correct my nasal deformities. HOWEVER, i am very concerned about tissue necrosis as i have had so many surgeries. I am a non smoker, i have no history of vascular disease, i am wondering how likely it would be for me to develop necrosis ??? The Rhinoplasty specialist i am seeing told me that he hopes to be able to correct most of my problems in the next operation, but it may require a follow up.

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Nasal Skin Necrosis after Multiple Revision Rhinoplasties

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Skin necrosis is very rare following multiple rhinoplasty procedures, but you are wise to be concerned if you are considering another revision. Your general health should be evaluated, but the two most important factors are what was done during the previous nasal surgery and the experience of your present surgeon with revision rhinoplasty surgery.

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Skin necrosis after revision rhino is a concern

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Skin necrosis is fortunately a very rare complication after revision rhinoplasty.  Each time the skin flap is disturbed during a surgery, the blood supply to the skin overlying the tip of the nose is disturbed.  However, this complication cannot be completely disregarded.  The surgery must be done meticulously and placement of dressing postoperatively must also be careful.  This is the reason that I see all revision rhinoplasty patients on the day after surgery.  This way, I can check the tip and make sure no problems are occurring.

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Skin necrosis

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I share your concern about skin necrosis after multiple rhinoplasties.  Technically speaking it gets increasingly difficult to raise the skin flap from the nose after many previous surgeries.  However normally the adverse effect, which only happens occasionally, is a minor, permanent, reddish skin discoloration.  I have done about 1500 revision rhinoplasties and I have yet to see a true skin necrosis.  Good luck however and be sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Douglas J. Kibblewhite, MD
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