Recurring Bump After Rhinoplasty the Doctor's Fault?

I broke my nose three times in highschool due to sports. I then had two Rhinoplasty surgeries: the first one to push together the broken bone fragments in my nose; the second a few months later to shave off the bump it had formed. After the bandages came off my nose seemed to be pretty flat. However, the bump seemed to be growing back so the doctor told me to push down on it multiple times a day. Now, it has been a couple years since the surgeries and the bump is back to its pre-surgery size.

Is it the doctor's fault the bump has grown completely back? If I had another surgery how likely is it to grow back again?

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Recurring Nasal Bump

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It is unfortunate that our society always tries to determine "fault". Whether it is the doctor's fault or your fault because this is the way your body healed, don't waste you time pointing fingers. It would be far more productive to talk to your surgeon, who may be just as disappointed as you, to decide what can be done to improve your appearance. It will probably be beneficial to get a second opinion. Think positive!

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There are several reasons for this.

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Some patients may form more scar after it has been filed down. No surgeon gets perfect results 100% of the time. If you are unhappy with your surgeon see an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to file this down more--only a minor inconvenience under local anesthesia.  

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It depends. Your surgeon may not have removed the proper amount of cartilage &/or bone. He also may have rasped the bone over the periosteum which creates a higher chance of bone osteomas to grow in the area.

However, your nose is a living healing structure. Even with the best surgical technique, your nose's bone and cartilage healing edges and scar tissue may form another "bump."

There is always a 5% risk of minor revisions in Rhinoplasty due to such issues.

With that said, the fact that your surgeon did a rhinoplasty only 3 months after a closed nasal reduction due to a fracture, made the results of the surgery more unpredictable. The nose was healing from one injury when a 2nd injury (surgery) was added on top of it. That is why a definitive rhinoplasty usually should be deferred 9-12 months after a severe injury or closed nasal reduction.

Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS
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