Is Rhinoplasty Realistic for my Unique Nose?

I have a very wide bridge and bulbous tip. I have a few questions: 1. How difficult would a rhinoplasty be? Does the need for an osteotomy as well as work on the tip make it more difficult? (Assuming this is what I would need) 2. What is your rough estimate for cost of the procedure I would need?

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Rhinoplasty for a Bulbous Tip and Wide Nasal Bridge

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A rhinoplasty to address the width and bulbous tip of your nose is very realistic. Your concerns are actually fairly common rather than unique. Many patients undergo a rhinoplasty in order to refine a bulbous tip and narrow the bridge of their nose.  This type of procedure is very straight forward and is not difficult for most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons. In fact, combining osteotomies with nasal tip refinement is essential to bring balance and a natural look to the entire nose.  In other words, if one portion of the nose is going to be narrowed it only makes sense to narrow the remaining parts of the nose in order to bring them all into alignment.  A primary rhinoplasty procedure can average somewhere between $6000-9,000 depending on the experience and location of a given plastic surgeon. 

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Unique noses and rhinoplasty

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I think your nose has some unique characteristics...but then again, whose does not?  Every nose is different and needs to be approached as such. Customization of the rhinoplasty is key to success and generating happy patients.  The cost for a primary rhinoplasty varies across the USA from $6000 to $18,000 total.  

Jay Calvert, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty to narrow the nose and nasal tip

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Thank you for your question. A full rhinoplasty to narrow the nasal bones and narrow and refine your nasal tip will be required. Cost can vary greatly with the area in which you live and the expertise and experience of the surgeon you choose. Cost can range from $7500-$10,000 with a higher feed being charged by the most experienced and sought after rhinoplasty surgeons.


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You are a good canditate for corrective rhinoplasty. Tip refinement and osteotomies are a routine part of mos rhinoplasties and shouldn't add cost. Fees vary by area. 

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Great Candidate for Rhinoplasty

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Thanks for sharing your photos.  You are an ideal candidate for rhinoplasty, actually.  You have excellent facial features and natural beauty that will be nicely accentuated with an operation to refine your nose and bring it into harmony with the rest of your face.  I would perform your operation endonasal or "closed" to save an external incision and shorten your healing time.  For your nose, the three anatomical zones need to be addressed - the upper or bony part (osteotomies), the mid-vault (cartilage height and width) and the tip.  The tip itself would benefit from narrowing, de-projection and improving the base view (narrowing the columella).  I would demonstrate all of this to you at the time of consultation with digital imaging.  In Scottsdale, the average for a primary rhinoplasty including cost of anesthesia and operating room is $6,500-$9,500 depending on the surgeon and any additional procedures (like chin implantation or cartilage grafting).  In your case, you should also consider a chin implant based on at least two of the photos I can see.  This would further balance your nose and would make your facial features idealized.  All the best to you.

Paul K. Holden, MD
Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty for "Unique" Nose

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I feel all noses are "unique". In over 30 years of rhinoplasty surgery, I've never done two noses exactly the same. You are an excellent candidate for a rhinoplasty. Cost will vary depending on your location and the experience of your surgeon but expect to pay  $6000-9000.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty realistic?

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From your pictures it would appear that you have thick skin over the nose, and a fairly straight profile.  Your nose seems to need "tweaking" as opposed to major changes.  With thick skin, the refinements can be more difficult to see and will take longer to become evident.  Doing an osteotomy and tip work are fairly standard steps in any rhinoplasty.  Cost varies depending on the area of the country you are in, but I would agree with the $6,100 average quoted above.  In my area it tends to be slightly higher. Good luck

Paul W. Loewenstein, MD
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon
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Many patients seeking rhinoplasty have similar concerns. You certainly could have wonderful improvement with narrowing and tip shaping. If you are looking to have a tiny, sculpted nose then you may not be realistic and you would not be looking for the right fit to your face. Go ahead and schedule a consultation to learn more about your options.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Realistic rhinoplasty expectations

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Most rhinoplasty patients present with similar concerns to yours. Frequent complaints are that the bridge is too high and/or too wide and the tip is too round. To address your concerns would require bone work and tip cartilage modification. The key to a well done rhinoplasty is to individualize the procedure to each patient instead of performing the same procedure on everyone. Your nose should look natural and not operated on. Your photos look good and appear to me to show a nose that can be modified to become quite attractive. I would recommend that you get 2 or 3 consults to see what different surgeons opinions are and go with the surgeon who makes the most sense to you.

Jeffrey E. Kyllo, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty options for wide bridge and bulbous tip

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The level of Rhinoplasty complexity relates to several things.

  1. The number of areas being changed (e.g., taking down bridge fullness, improving bridge width, tip projection, tip fullness, need for cartilage grafts, etc.). The more areas being address the more skill is needed to ensure that all the changes made are cohesive and balanced. In general modifications to the tip are more complex than those made to the bridge.
  2. Patient anatomy. It is more difficult to achieve a given result in patients with very thin or very thick skin. Very thin skin makes any asymmetry more evident. Thick skin makes it harder to refine the tip.
  3. Prior surgery. This disrupts the normal anatomy and creates scarred tissue plans. Also, cartilage grafts may be more difficult to obtain.

From your photos it does appear that you have thicker skin. In some instances the tip skin can be thinned which can help with refining the tip. Another component of your tip fullness is the orientation of your nasal tip cartilages. By improving the convexity of these cartilages one can improve your overall fullness. You may also benefit from repositioning the upward orientation of these cartilages as well (your cartilages appear cephalically positioned). You may notice that I'm not talking about a whole lot of tissue removal. To maintain a naturally appearing (and well-functioning) nose maintaining adequate structural support of your nose is very important.

There is also asymmetric fullness to your middle nasal vault. Osteotomies can narrow the nasal bones but wouldn't address a soft tissue cause (an examination would help assess this better).

Surgery costs vary quite a bit depending on surgery length, surgeon experience, location, etc. Total costs (including surgeon, facility, anesthesia fees) are generally in the $6000-9000 range. If there's an insurance component (septal deviation repair) some of these costs may be offset a bit.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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