Rhinoplasty Questions

Hello Everyone, I've had Rhinoplasty surgery performed a year and a half ago and I find it odd that my nose is still dry and swollen, the tip is enormous and really hard to the touch. I'm disappointed because my nose is constantly like this , and I don't get to see the results! When it's moisturised or let's say ''humid'', it seems as the bridge and the tip are all just thinning down and shaping. But that rarely happens. What do you have to say about this? Would there be some specific causes?

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Rhinoplasty Questions

The swelling could be related to thickened repair tissue-fibrosis- in which case steroid injections eg triamcinolone 10% may be helpful even at this stage.  The swelling may also be related to grafts used with your surgery.  You should try discussing this further with your surgeon. 

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Nose still swollen and hard 18 months after Rhinoplasty

 I have performed Rhinoplasty for over 20 years and by principles, the nose is not fully healed after Rhinoplasty as long as fluctuations in nasal swelling still occur.  However, in your case, I suspect some element of airborne or even food allergies that are contributing to the prolonged nasal swelling. 

 I would agree that your nose was healed or that cartilage grafts and scar tissue made your nose hard and wide...except that at some occassions your nose appears less swollen and thin.  It is at this thin state that I believe the true nasal shape resides.  Seek evaluation first with an allergist to rule this out.  You, of course should also ask your Rhinoplasty surgeon for advice and input.

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Rhinoplasty and clet lip and palate

It is a bit unusual for the nose to be dry and hard at a year and a half.  The firmness can be from grafts or struts that were used to maintain tip projection but I could not be sure without an op report or at least an exam. As for dryness, this just may be the quality of your skin.

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