Rhinoplasty questions: Bumps, uneven swelling, crookedness

Hello, i had rhinoplasty just over 4 months ago, and when i take a photo with the front camera, the picture flips and my nose looks crooked, could this be asymmetrical swelling? Im so paranoid my nose is not going to turn out nice, also when i put a finger up each nostril (sounds weird i know) my septum feels kind of puffy on one side, can the inside of the nose be swelled? And also will my nose tip look more defined when the swelling on it goes down? Because atm its huge!

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Be patient and try not to obsess as nose jobs take a long time to fully heal and settle

The good news is that 4 months after surgery is still very early.
It may take up to 12 -18 months for your nose to fully heal. Only then will you know for sure if you are happy with the final result.

Yes, asymmetric swelling may occur. However, this is often easy to fix with a simple steroid injection. Swelling inside your nose following surgery is common. That will often settle down without any treatment though, unless it was there before and not addressed during the surgery.

For more rhinoplasty post-op tips and info, see the link to this section under the Nasal Refinement page of my site.

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Swelling still present

Even at 4 months after surgery, you can have swelling that can distort the nasal appearance.  This is why we always encourage patience and tell our patents to wait a full year after surgery before considering revision.  However, review your concerns with your surgeon, who may wish to consider some limited intervention such as steroid injections.  

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