When Can I Masturbate (Just Had Rhinoplasty)

I'm a female and had rhinoplasty yesterday and I didn't bruise at all (my eyes are slightly yellowish/olive, not raccoon-ish at all). My nose is cleared (I can breathe) and it's 99% stopped bleeding. I'm also quite fit today. But I'm scared that masturbation will make my nose swell more? I don't care about bleeding, but swelling scares me the most. Will it slow down the healing?

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Be careful about strenous activity!

Any activity that increases the heart rate or blood pressure can increase the risk of bruising, bleeding, and swelling.  Patients in my practice are asked to refrain from these types of activities for 2 weeks after surgery.  Ask your surgeon about their preferences.

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When Can I Masturbate (Just Had Rhinoplasty)

Best to wait a couple of weeks to minimize chances of any problems.  Several factors are in play that can lead to bleeding and can make the edema (swelling) issues of the nose into problems.

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Activity one day -post op

Exercise that coul raise your blood pressure should be avoided for several days so that bleeding doesn't occur. Treating a post op rhinoplasty for bleeding can endanger the results

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