Rhinoplasty Projection Not Changed?

hi , i had rhinoplast 4 weeks ago and yes i know it takes 6-12month for fully finished but i got my projection took back 5mm and it doesnt seem to have gone back nothing at all it still measures 3.8 as it did pre-op amean to me this was the most important part of the operation also i had other bits gone. am i just been paranoid but should it of not atleast lost a few mm ? and also say worst comes to worst and it does not go back anymore what would i be able to do? i had my operation with transform in uk

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Too early

There projections needs to be evaluated not earlier than 1 year after surgery.  Around that time , the tip will undergo more significant shrinkage.  The columela scar will also soften and the nose will droop back.  More projection will be lost if tongue-in - groove technique was not used.


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Rhinoplasty projection

First at 4 weeks, you are way to swollen to see the final results. Give it more time and be patient.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Concern that projection hasn't changed four weeks post-rhinoplasty

At four weeks post-surgery, I'm not surprised you haven't seen a reduction in millimeters. Keep in mind that the tissues have not yet fully normalized and swelling is still an issue. My advice is to throw away your millimeter caliper and relax. Keep in touch with your surgeon, who can monitor your progress and confirm if it is on the right track.

Good luck!

Ahmed Abdullah, MD, FACS
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Too soon to worry

4 weeks is definately way too soon to judge weather or not you are happy with your results.  Just make sure you are keeping up with your follow-up appointments and keeping your surgeon informed with results.  relax and think positive!

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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