Can I Get a Rhinoplasty Procedure for a Few Minor Changes? (photo)

So I have always had these lines on the sides of my nose, now on the right side of the picture (left side of my nose for me) the line is actually a bump, it's not smooth, like the cartilage is pertruding out a little to much. you can only tell from the side view. Can my cartilage on the left be made symmetrical to the right? Also is it possible that I created the "bump"? I used to squeeze my nose constantly for months on end to make it smaller, is it possible I changed the cartilage? Thanks!

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A Minor Change Finesse Rhinoplasty

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Hello Justin,  Of course a plan for treatment can't be implemented without a examination but I will offer you my opinion relative to the photo you provided.

  • The irrregularities that you describe are probably caused by the protrusion of the supporting cartilage beneath the nasal skin.
  • These irregularities can often be asymmetrical
  • It appears that the refinement that you are seeking could be accomplished through a less aggressive closed technique. One a scale of 1-10 in describing the extent of your procedure, I would rate yours in the  4 to 5 range.
  • It is highly unlikely that you caused this problem by squeezing your nose.

Yours would be what I like to describe as a less aggressive finesse Rhinoplasty.  Suggest you chose you surgeon based upon the number of cases he or she has performed.  Good Luck   

Minor Changes During Rhinoplasty

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   Minor changes can be performed through closed rhinoplasty.  To be honest I would have to examine you to determine some of the concerns you are expressing as the single tiny view is not enough for me to make a judgement.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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