Is Rhinoplasty Post-op Morning Swelling Normal, 17 Months Later?

The swelling occurs after sleeping (naps or at nighttime). It seems to be getting increasingly worse over the last 3-4 months. Most of the swelling occurs in the area right above the tip, and often takes the entire day to disappear. When I wake, though, the entire nose is stiff and swollen a little. The surgery was open, with significant reduction. Thanks!

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Rare to have intermittent swelling 17 months p rhinoplasty

I find it strange that you have supra tip swelling only when you wake up 17 months after a rhino. My guess is that you have some supra tip scar tissue or subcutaneous fat that is reacting to your supine position. I would try a round of kenalog 10 steroid injection to the supra tip and see if that helps.

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