Rhinoplasty: Post-op 5 Days. Smiling = Pressure?

I had a functional septorhinoplasty 5 days ago. Today while watching a tv show I couldn't help smiling, and now I am feeling pressure on my nasal bridge; I still have my external splint on. Should I be worried about this? Will this affect my results?

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Rhinoplasty, safe with the splint on

When the splint is in place the swelling is controlled and the shape protected, and you should be safe, even when smiling with the splint on.

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Lee J. Malan, M.D.

The are no problems this soon after your septorhinoplasty.  You are likely to feel different sentations, such as you've described.  They mean nothing significant. After the splint is removed you may again have other different feelings as the tissues heal.  Your doctor will help reassure you through thes events. As the one you selected to do the surgery trust him to provide adequate followup and instructions.

Lee J. Malan, MD
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