Can my nose be made petite like Angelina Jolie's with Rhinoplasty?

Can my nose be made petite like Angelina Jolie's with Rhinoplasty? How close can the results be? I don't like my nose I think it's too wide bulbous, it was broken when I was a child.

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Petite Rhinoplasty

 Tjessica: Yes, your nose can be made more refined. The goal of a good rhinoplasty surgeon is to make the nose proportional to the surrounding physical features. Describe what you would like to achieve during the consultation. You and your physician can establish reasonable goals.

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Yes, it can be made more petite

A good rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to reduce the tip of the nose, make the whole nose appear more narrow and reduce the bridge of the nose on profile. However, there is only so much that can be done before the nose begins to lose its structural integrity. If too much is done, the nose will start looking fake, unnatural and unappealing.

It would be very difficult to make your nose look like another person's. The goal of a rhinoplasty is to make a better more refined version of your own nose. If your nose is changed too dramatically, it will not fit with the rest of your face and things will look out of balance.

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Yes and maybe


Your nose is your nose. It sounds obvious but patients and some surgeons tend to forget. If the nose was a bar of soap or a block of marble then it could be carved down to anything you wanted. But your nose's final shape is determined by many factors: Your cartilage shape and thickness and recoil, your skin thickness, your healing forces, your scar tissue maturation, your facial skeleton, etc.

Can you nose be made more petite? Yes

Will it be similar to another person's nose? No

That is why computer imaging is so important to see just how petite your nose may look and if you will be happy with the projected results before you go through surgery.

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